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Schools / M.I.T. / 24.213 Philosophy of Film ( Add One )

This four lecture course is a seminar on the philosophical analysis of film art. It largely focuses on how techniques and formal structures allow for the portrayal of meaning. This course also focuses in on the aesthetic problems about appearance and reality, both literary and visual effects, and how film technology both allows for communication and alienation. Course given by: Prof. Irving Singer, Fall 2004.
Lecture 1: Introduction To Philosophy of Film
Posted in M.I.T.
In this first session Prof. Irving Singer goes over the syllabus and course requirements, before skimming over the basics of philosophy and film, Jean Cocteau, film as a cultural communication device, and recommended readings.
Lecture 2: Realism & Formalism
Posted in M.I.T.
This lecture shows the importance and relevance of studying film. It presents mathematics as a form of abstract art, breaks down the style and method of realism and formalism, outlines the differences and similarities between film and photography.
Lecture 3: Beauty & The Beast To William James
Posted in M.I.T.
This third lecture of Philosophy of Film breaks down the many layers (production and story wise) of Beauty and the Beast and Citizen Kane. It also discusses William James, a distinguished psychologist and philosopher.
Lecture 4: From Orson Welles To The Dead
Posted in M.I.T.
This, final, lecture of the Philosophy of Film class overviews the works of Orson Welles, particularly The Magnificent Ambersons. It also looks at the 1980s flick The Dead.