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Read Phat Joe's apology for derogatory remarks used on air

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Read Phat Joe's apology for derogatory remarks used on air

Postby Swaglord » Thu Aug 15, 2019 2:48 pm

Phat Joe has once again found himself in an offensive spot and had apologized on air.

The radio personality apologised to listeners and members of the LGBTIQ community after he used a “derogatory and transphobic” phrase on his morning show on Radio 2000.

On Tuesday, Joe used the word “tranny”, an offensive word for a transgender person, in a conversation about Cardi B.

Cardi B sparked outrage in September 2018 after a meme, showing a man walking through a door next to transphobic slurs was posted to her social media page and went viral. The star blamed a former staff member for the post.

Phat Joe received backlash for using the term earlier this week and on Thursday apologised to listeners and those offended.

“When I used the word I was actually paraphrasing what Cardi B said. She used that particular word and I was chastising her for the message in her video. I did not know that the word was a no-no,” he said on air.

Joe claimed that many were still uneducated about what words to use in its place and introduced a caller who attempted to educate him on the word.

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