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scarpe nike air max speed turf

PostPosted: Fri Dec 07, 2018 9:53 pm
by bears123
Big blinds and little blinds: Tournaments don't have antes per se because everyone has already bought into the hand, so to speak scarpe nike air max speed turf , by buying into the tournament. The buy in of a tournament negates the need for an ante as the pot is already set. The big blind and little blind therefore is an alternative to the ante and involves one player on the table paying a sum equal to the minimum bet and another paying a smaller sum equal to half the minimum bet. The big blind is paid by the person in the second seats to the left of the dealer and the little blind is paid by the person sat directly to the left of the dealer. When there are 2 players left the dealer is the little blind.

Board: This refers to the community cards, the cards that all can see and use. There will not be a board in all games, only in Hold'em games such as

Flop: This is the name given to the first three community cards. These cards are turned all at one go.

Turn: This is the fourth community card. The Turn is flipped by itself and is followed by a betting round. This card is sometimes also referred to as the 'fourth street'.

River: The River is the fifth, and final of the community cards to be flipped over. Once the River is flipped there is only one more betting round.