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Simeone: I was taught that you love family until death... an

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Simeone: I was taught that you love family until death... an

Postby Bongngarthom » Sat Nov 18, 2017 11:33 pm


In a goalless but entertaining Madrid derby, one of the standout moments occurred when Antoine SBOBET Griezmann was substituted again by Diego Simeone, though the coach has suggested that the Frenchman remains one of the Atleti family.The striker showed no signs of getting on the score sheet and the cacophony of whistles that greeted his number being held up left him in no doubt as to the feelings of the locals."In my house they taught me that as long as

you are family, you are loved until death," Simeone said to Movistar+ SBOBET after the game."And Griezmann is family."Though the draw now means both Madrid sides are 10 points behind leaders Barcelona, the Atleti coach wasn't too unhappy."We played against the best team in the world and they use the ball very well," he continued."The game went as we wanted it to, but we could've also lose it." SBOBET
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