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Battle Royale' Could Be Getting A Competitive Mode Soon

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Battle Royale' Could Be Getting A Competitive Mode Soon

Postby 4Rsercom » Fri Jun 15, 2018 3:53 am

Fair warning: datamined documents are sometimes reliable indicators of what is coming into a game, such as when we get to observe the Fortnite challenges a few days before or when the skins turn it into the game week or so before they hit the shop. When there's a full-on skin from the game, by way of instance, you can bet it is actually coming. Occasionally datamined documents are less reliable, and we are talking about the latter right now. Recent sleuthing has uncovered a new folder connected to the restricted time manners with "comp" in the title, and several are taking this to imply that Fortnite: Battle Royale is becoming a competitive manner.

Let us consider why Fortnite could use a competitive mode, to start with. For one thing, it's a ridiculously high skill cap -- that usually means the top of the top players can wipe the floor with folks like myself. That's largely due to the simple fact that high-level players are able to easily juggle the construction and shooting mechanisms into a new kind of level-editing shooter which hasn't been seen before. Lower-skilled players are mostly playing a normal shooter with the capability to construct ramps. Right now Fortnite has no skill-based matchmaking, that is part of the fun: that John Wick on the horizon might be a fool with a lot of free time or disposable income, also it might be the most dangerous player you have ever met.

Any sort of ranking system would also offer a bit more of a bonus for all those players to stick around: someone who has mastered the game could just move on to greener pastures if there is not a new structure in which to prove themselves.

It might also start laying the groundwork for genuine Fortnite esports. Esports with Battle Royale Fortnite Items games are a tricky beast because random action can make things inconsistent, and sports flourish when they're predictable contests that let player skill carry the day. Fortnite is a better candidate than PUBG, at least, because the resource demands of the building system encourage conflict and discourage camping, and camping isn't a fun to watch. Fortnite is the largest game on earth, but it's far from the biggest game in esports -- it's difficult to envision that Epic is not thinking about how to build in this direction.
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