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The Collection of jackaroo Slip-up

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The Collection of jackaroo Slip-up

Postby fifa17coins » Wed May 17, 2017 12:58 am

CS: GO as the world's leading gaming project, with excellent balance of competitive experience known, whether you are the battlefield of the FPS old players or the fledgling Meng new, in the contact CS: GO this game will have more or less Not used to see CS: GO Jackarollmistakes you have no guns?

1. Never had ECO

In CS: GO has its own unique economic system, the loss of the score in the beginning only get a small number of economic incentives, after losing points in a continuous losing streak. In such an economic system, the winning party can accumulate the economy to improve the fault tolerance, and lose the score on the party needs to keep a low profile to save the economy to buy enough props to achieve comeback.

Jackaroo’s problem is: how much money each Council to spend how much money, the results can never afford a full gun full of guns, always be pressed against each other.
For example, when the 1400 $ UMP45 from the strong do not buy a, 1900 $ when the bird from the bird do not buy a child, 3400 $ from the Famas + full a do not buy throwing objects, and then has been no money to lose. Arms did not throw a bargain, but also shouted: "Do not counseling, that is dry!" Can only say: this play does not lose no justice!

So Jackaroo players in the CS: GO must pay attention to the team players are no time to take the initiative to give up a bureau, do not buy anything to save money for the next game to buy the whole equipment comeback, the Council is ECO. We start the initial economy from the 800 $, the back of the economic management should rely on you and your teammates to arrange, remember: your money is not your money, the money is the whole team. To ECO together ECO, cs go Werbegeschenke to steel gun with steel gun.

If your four teammates are ECO do not buy anything, and you a person from the full plus a micro-red, no accident this Council you still lose; the results of the end of your four teammates are all equipped, you A person no money to buy a gun, it is possible because you lack of equipment and become a breakthrough, leading to this Council again lost, your team will fall into the endless economic nightmare.

CS: GO competitive victory request is to take 16 points, so the economy is not good when each Council will fight, the release put. Know how to retreat into the side is the top of the policy.
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Re: The Collection of jackaroo Slip-up

Postby Qressor » Fri May 19, 2017 2:51 am

les gars qui jouent pont :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: เกมสล็อต
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