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to avoid the new national standard

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to avoid the new national standard

Postby liuyi » Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:53 pm

should be no loose connection components, hand pressure should be some solid parts, no permanent loosening requirements; in the cabinet category In the anti-detachment test of the hanging cabinet, it is required that the force is 100N vertically and does not fall off.
In the strength test of the push-pull member, the 150N vertical force needs to be performed 10 times without falling off. Although the test does not seem to apply to the strength requirements of the crash pad, it at least shows that the force of 50 to 80 N is not large, that is, there is a higher risk of shedding.
In other words, IKEA can increase the cost of a few dollars to avoid the new national standard, but security risks still exist. Some ironic is that, in the IKEA store in Guangzhou, the unqualified Slovakia and a locker marked with new cards are put together.
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