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Postby zhangwl » Tue Sep 15, 2015 2:08 am

Mailbox and address book databases are o most mon types of Lotus Notes database. The mailbox database stores mails on Domino server. Address book database prises of several contt records and it is usually stored on the PC or system of users.

How to read NSF files

Users can read NSF files on Lotus Notes with the help of IBM Louts client installed on a system. There are other applications as well that help users read the NSF data files. Users can read them on the Domino Server as well and can get the assistance of third party sofare to aess them. It must be noted that for all this process to take ple it is necessary that users have Lotus Notes client installed in their PC or System.

About PST

Like Lotus Notes, users can also aess email databases on other client as well. Outlook is another email service provider. Data in the Outlook is stored in the PST format. This platform is a very advanced interfe and much in demand these days. PST literally ans personal storage table. It is the format of the email data files on Outlook platform, be it emails, calendar Rick Nash Jersey , contts and more. The data could be encrypted or pressed, all dependent on settings you desired. This is a platform wherein users can store a vast amount of data. Users will notice that the Outlook at tis work slowly. That happens due to the heavy size of files. This is the reason users get an automated response from this email client to archive the old mails, a quick fix solution for increasing the speed of Outlook. The client gives more option and innurable services in terms of managing information and vital emails on it and this is the reason why many users prefer to convert Lotus NSF to Outlook PST.
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