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Videos / Astronomy

ESA - Earth & Mars: 2 Planets, 1 Blueprint
Watch landscapes easily blend from one world to the other in this gallery of Earth and Mars images taken from space.

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Planck Reveals An Almost Perfect Universe
Planck scans the entire sky in millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelengths. By making measurements between the infrared and radio, Planck can work back in time and show us the history of the universe.

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Solve for X: Peter Diamandis And Eric Anderson On Space Exploration
A video explaining why commercial interests to move off world are important, and why asteroids are the key.

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Watch The Bouncing Droplet
A quick, short video on a high-speed camera of a droplet of water impacting the surface is a small pool.

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Astronaut André Kuipers' Tour Of The ISS
Andre Kuipers invites you to follow a guided tour of the complete International Space Station. Andre himself is the tour guide during this unique visit to the Station.

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Night Sky Over The Next 7 Billion Years
A series of NASA photo illustrations showing what the night sky will look like over the next 7 billion years.

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