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Videos / Misc

Alka-Seltzer And Water In Microgravity
Expedition Six NASA ISS Science Officer Don Pettit performs a series of microgravity experiments with water spheres and effervescent antacid tablets.

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Incredible Space-Saving Furniture
A short video on innovative ways to make compact, usable furniture that doubles or even triples in function to save space in very small homes.

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Inside Fukushima Reactor 2
A remote camera is slipped inside Reactor 2 to take a look a round. The white specs and 'noise' in the video is gamma radiation messing with the image.

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Fishing Under Ice
Incredible footage from underneath an ice sheet. In case you’re wondering how this “upside down” idea works, the divers are wearing dry suits (sealed) that are inflated with buoyant air.

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This Is Halloween - Light Show
This brilliantly engineered light show takes the Halloween spirit to a whole new level.

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Cat Playing With An iPad
A cat named Iggy plays with an iPad. It's not just humans who like them, apparently!

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