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Videos / Earth Sciences

The Evaporating Mediterranean
The Mediterranean can only exist because of the Strait of Gilbralter. Were it to close up - as it did 6 million years ago - the entire sea would vanish!

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NASA | Sea Ice Max 2013: An Interesting Year for Arctic Sea Ice
September 2012, Arctic sea ice shrank to itís lowest level extent ever measured in the satellite era.

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NASA | Earth from Orbit 2012
A look back at the best views of our planet from space in the last year, including true color satellite images, Earth science data visualizations, time lapses from the International Space Station, and computer models.

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The Largest Glacier Calving Ever Filmed
"It's as if the entire lower tip of Manhattan broke off; except that, the thickness, the height of it is equivalent to buildings that are 2.5 -3 times higher than they are."

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Period Table: Crash Course
Hank Green explains the Period Table.

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Birth of a Giant Iceberg
A crack found in the Pine Island glacier, Antarctica.

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