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Videos / Earth Sciences

Collection Of Rare Geodes
A collection of rare Keokuk geodes, done by a home collector. You can check out their Youtube chennel at

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Birth Of A Storm
Ever wondered where hurricanes and tropical storms come from? Here's a quick explanation.

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Explosive Breach of Condit Dam
October 26th, 2011 the base of Condit dam, in Washington, was breached with explosives. Within 2 hours the water behind the dam was drained, allowing the White Salmon river to flow for the first time in 100 years unimpeded.

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Brinicles - Icicles of Death
Using timelapse cameras, BBC camera crews and specialists recorded a deadly spire of salt water emerging from the sea ice and carving a path along the sea floor.

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New England Seamounts
The Alvin submersible dives on the New England Seamount chain. Video filmed by NOAA.

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Gravity : Making Waves
The Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory is spearheading the completely new field of gravitational wave astronomy and opening a whole new window on the universe.

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