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Videos / Biology & Medicine

Michio Kaku: Can We Resurrect the Dinosaurs?
Dr. Kaku answers the question of whether it is possible to resurrect the dinosaurs by "turning on" their ancient genes.

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How Bats Feed On Necter
Bats infuse their tongues with blood when lapping nectar, causing tiny hair-like projections to become erect to sop up the sweet liquid.

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3D Printed Material Mimics Biological Tissue
A flower-shaped printed droplet network spontaneously folded to form a hollow sphere. Researchers at the University of Oxford made the find.

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Leonardo DaVinci: Anatomist
Take a video journey to Windsor Castle to take an up-close and personal look at the anatomical and biological drawings of Leonardo DaVinci.

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Nerve Agent Detection Sensor
Associate professor Jinsang Kim, inspired by his own land mine detector, developed a nerve agent detection sensor that only requires bare eye to observe the presence of the dangerous nerve gas.

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Chhouk: The Elephant With A Prosthetic
Chhouk, an elephant who (probably) lost his leg to a snare or hunting trap, is given a prosthetic leg.

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