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Videos / Earth Sciences

Avalanche Hits Everest Basecamp (April 25 2015)
This chilling raw video, filmed by Jost Kobusch, shows the horrifying speed and power of an avalanche striking Mt. Everest Basecamp (25.04.2015) following a Magnitude 7.8 earthquake. *Contains adult language*.

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Liquifaction Caught On Video
During an earthquake, when water trapped in the earth is sloshed around, the solids sink, forcing the displaced liquid to the surface. Here it is, caught in action!

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Kilauea Lava Flows
A noble GoPro was sacrificed to get this footage, but it was worth it!

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Carbonatite Lava - Oldoinyo Lengai
Oldoinyo Lengai Volcano (Tanzania) is the only volcano erupting silvery Carbonatite lava in historical times. Unlike normal lava, this lava looks like a silvery mud as it is too cool (550-700 deg. celsius) to glow visibly during daylight.

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Volcanic Fissure In Hawaii
A quick fly over of a newly opened volcanic fissure in Hawaii.

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Time-Lapse Thunderstorm
A short time-lapse of a thunderstorm passing over a particular area, showing the development, peak and breaking up of the storm.

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