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Videos / Earth Sciences

Worst Oil Spill In NZ History Worsens
The worst maritime disaster in New Zealand history is deteriorating as teams are scrambling to regain control of a growing oil spill off the coast. The source is a cargo ship that has run aground.

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How Earthquakes Work
An explanation of the basic mechanics of the varying forms of earthquakes

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Volcanic Lava Flows
A short video showing the different kinds of flowing lava, from running to viscous, depending on how much silica is in them. (Courtesy of National Geographic)

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How The LHC Works
An explanation on the workings behind the Large Hadron Collider, and how it manages to smash particles in such a spectacular way.

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Where Does Cork Come From?
The harvesting of cork oak is one of the best examples of traditional, sustainable land use. As strange as it may sound, the decreasing use of cork is threatening these sensitive, endangered trees.

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Centralia - Unstoppable Coal Fire Destroys Town
In 1962 Centralia was a prosperous mining town in Pennsylvania. Now, it is practically a ghost town after a controlled fire wound up catching a coal vein, spreading the blaze under the town.

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