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Videos / Earth Sciences

Driving Into A Sandstorm
In early July 2011 a strong sandstorm, known as a haboob, was produced by the intense downdrafts of a collapsing thunderstorm. Watch as a resident of Phoenix, Arizona drives into this wall of dust.

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What Is A Microburst?
While microbursts typically last only seconds, this bizarre weather formation can be deadly. They are extremely powerful downdrafts that can strike with little to no warning and cause damage comparable to tornadoes.

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Train Gets Hit By A Tornado
Watch as an Illinois tornado cuts through the countryside and slams full force into a train in this video filmed from the locomotive. Watch as the train is torn straight off the tracks.

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Survivorman - Sierra Nevada
Les Stroud tackles the Sierra Nevada, a mountain range that runs through the U.S. states of California and Nevada. This range is known for its vast national parks and being the highest altitude in the continental US.

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Volcanic Ash Covers Lake Nahuel Huapi
A diver attempts to swim in Lake Nahuel Huapi, Argentina which is currently covered by a thick layer of volcanic ash. The ash was released by the volcano Puyehue, which began erupting June 3rd 2011.

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Tornado Forms During Soccer Game
To the utter shock of all who witnessed it, a tornado spawns on the field during a soccer game.

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