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Videos / Earth Sciences

The Effects Of Icebergs On The Carbon Cycle
This video showcases the first comprehensive study on the biological effects of Antarctic icebergs. Surprisingly, they help fertilize the Southern Ocean and encourage the removal of CO2 from the atmosphere.

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Man Struck By Lightning, Walks Away Unharmed
As an elderly man crosses the street he is struck by lightning. As if he wasn't pushing the laws of probability enough, he walks away from the incident a little spooked, but otherwise in perfect shape.

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Boeing 747 Gets Struck By Lightning
In this stunning, rare, video you will see a commercial jetliner take off from an airport and get struck by lightning only moments after getting into the air.

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Surviving The World's Biggest Tsunami
In 1958 Sonny and Howard Ulrich became the survivors of one of nature's most dangerous phenomenon - an Alaskan megatsunami. They retell the horror of the 1/2km high wave that hit Lituya Bay.

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Waterspouts (Tornadoes) Form Off Australia
This amazing footage shows several powerful waterspouts forming off Australia's New South Wales coast. It was filmed from a helicopter by Australia's Channel 7 in May 30 2011.

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Accidentally Creating A Sea
The Salton Sea is the largest body of water in California. It was created when an engineering accident forced water from the Colorado river into one of the hottest basins in the US. A town thrived, for a while, but now it looks like a scene from Fallout3.

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