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Articles / Medicine and Biology

Medical Lamprey-Bots In Development
  • Currently 2.7759784075574/5 Stars.
British and US scientists say their experimental lamprey-like robot will be sniffing out diseases in as soon as 5 years.
Microsoft Co-Founder Invests Big Into Brain Science
  • Currently 2.8094612352168/5 Stars.
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, known for his commitment to exploring the human brain, has thrown another $300 million at the Allen Brain Institute.
Cancer Treatment With Help From Mice
  • Currently 2.8233799237611/5 Stars.
Researchers at HUGO say using mice to replicate pancreatic cancer may very well improve cancer treatment.
Scientists Getting Closer To Resurrecting A Mammoth
  • Currently 2.8969210174029/5 Stars.
An international team of scientists is making progress in their effort to clone a living, breathing mammoth.
Simple Injection Has Potential To Cure PTSD
  • Currently 2.7528735632184/5 Stars.
A US Navy doctor has devised a procedure that just might solve one of the Pentagon's biggest problems.
Study Suggests Cannabis Legalization May Reduce Traffic Fatalities
  • Currently 2.7164634146341/5 Stars.
A study shows that states with medicinal marijuana laws see decreased alcohol sales and therefore less traffic fatalities
Revolutionary Obesity Cure Passes The Monkey Test
  • Currently 2.7634252539913/5 Stars.
Obesity medicine currently in development at the University of Texas has successfully slimmed down a group of out of shape monkeys with no noticeable side effects
First Transplant of Lab-Made Blood Completed
  • Currently 2.7562111801242/5 Stars.
Luc Douay from Paris' Marie and Pierre Curie University has proven that human blood can be manufactured.
An Immune System Trained to Kill Cancer
  • Currently 2.7315340909091/5 Stars.
A year ago, when chemotherapy stopped working against his leukemia, William Ludwig signed up to be the first patient treated in a bold experiment at the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Ludwig, then 65, a retired corrections officer from Bridgeton, N.J., felt his life draining away and thought he had nothing to lose.
Spermless Mosquitoes Help Halt Malaria Spread
  • Currently 2.795195954488/5 Stars.
Releasing genetically modified, spermless male mosquitoes into the wild could in future help to prevent malaria transmission and reduce the chances of large outbreaks of the killer disease, British scientists said on Monday.